Acrylic Design Lighting Switch Electrical Socket Manufacturer

Acrlic Design Lighting Switch Electrical Socket

UYEE-LZZS is a manufacturer of acrylic lighting switches and electrical sockets; we are good at updating acrylic craftsmanship and have our acrylic patch workshop. This is very advantageous for a switch socket factory, allowing our acrylic home switch design to be updated quickly.

Mirror Acrylic Switch Socket

Composite Acrylic Crack Switch Socket

Skin Feel Acrylic Switch Socket

3D pattern acrylic Switch Socket

acrylic switch

weave Acrylic  Switch  Socket

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Why choose UYEE-LZZS as your partner?

We are a lighting switch and electrical socket factory with 20+ years of production and sales experience, and we are committed to providing customers with the best OEM/ODM service.

UYEE-LZZS has 23 years of experience and is proficient in product design and development. As a master in this industry, it has always been imitated.

Don’t believe it? We can start a video conference to let you inspect our showroom and production workshop. As well as advanced production equipment, I believe that after reading it will make you more satisfied.

  • 40+ injection molding machines
  • Our 24/7 testing laboratory
  • Pipeline delivery plastic system worth 500W RMB
  • 2 showrooms (domestic and foreign trade)
  • Acrylic glass products placement workshop
  • 20+ assembly lines
  • The annual output value exceeds 100 million RMB

Estimated import price of lighting switch electrical sockets

while ensuring the safety of funds. We will give the following calculation methods:

Design fee

We don’t charge any design fees as long as you meet our MOQ.

Shipping fee

We will provide detailed freight quotations through well-cooperated international freight forwarders, because the price is different every week due to business competition.

Miscellaneous Fee

It mainly includes your country’s tax, fines, and late fees at the port. If you pick up the goods within the specified time, you only need to consider the tax.

cost calculation

Sample fee

We offer 10 free samples, but you need to pay for the courier to your country.

30%TT fee

We accept a minimum 30% T&T deposit to start producing products. Of course if you want 100% one-time payment this will be the best trust to us.

70% T&T fee before delivery

We will deliver the goods after receiving the remaining 70% of the balance, and can deliver to any port city in China.

How do light switches and electrical socket work?

British Standard Light Switch Part

Light switches work by connecting to the wires in your home. When you turn on the light switch, it sends a signal to the light and turns the light on. When you turn off the light switch, the switch is disconnected from the wiring and the light goes out.

British Standard Electrical Socket Part

The socket has a number of different parts that work together to provide power to your appliances. The first part is the metal strip that runs down the middle of the socket. This is where you plug in your appliance cord. The metal strip is also electrically connected to the two side terminals, which are used to connect the socket to the wall.

Types of Lighting Switches and Electrical Sockets

Lighting/Electrical Switches Types

A1 acrylic 1 gang 1 way

1 Gang 1 Way/1 Gang 2 Way

1 Gang 1 way is a switch to control the light.

1 Gang 2 Way is two switches that can control the same light at the same time.

A1 acrylic 2 gang 1 way

2 Gang 1 Way/2 Gang 2 Way

2 Gang 1 Way is a switch to control 2 lights.

2 Gang 2 Way is two switches can control 2 lights on one line at the same time

A1 acrylic 3 gang 1 way

3 Gang 1 Way/3 Gang 2 Way

3 Gang 1 way is a switch to control 3 lights.

3 Gang 2 Way is two switches that can control 3 lights on one line at the same time

4 Gang 1 Way/4 Gang 2 Way

4 Gang 1 Way is a switch to control 2 lights.

4 Gang 2 Way is two switches can control 4 lights on one line at the same time

doorbell switch

Doorbell Switch

The doorbell switch is similar to the 1 gang, the difference is that it has a built-in reset device, press the button to power on, and release the button to automatically reset and power off.

Double-Pole(DP) Switches

Double-Pole Switches is a switch that installs two single-pole switches together

There are 20A and 45A, which are usually used in high-power appliances such as cookers and ovens.

Speed/Dimmer Switch

It is a rotary switch structure that can control the brightness of a lamp or the speed of a fan by changing the voltage by rotation.

Usually divided into two types with gears and without gears.

Electrical Socket Types

British(UK)Standard Socket

A 13A 3Pin British standard socket, compatible with type G plugs.

Generally, work in the environment of 220V-240V.

13A switched five pin Multifunction socket

South African Standard Socket

A 15A 3Pin South African standard socket, compatible with type M plugs.

Generally, work in the environment of 220V-240V.

European standard socket

A 16A 2Pin European standard socket, compatible with type C/E/F plugs.

Generally, work in the environment of 220V-240V.

Multifunctional Electrical Socket

A 15A 3Pin South African standard socket, compatible with type M plugs.

There is no fixed voltage for use, as this is a socket that can be used all over the world.

Support Sockets Types

TV Socket 

as the link between the TV and cable transmission lines

Satellite Socket

as the link between the TV and the over-the-air TV receiver

One switch+1 socket+usb:

USB Socket

Charges devices that use USB, usually mobile phones.

Divided into 2100MA and 2400MA with faster transmission speed

RJ11 Telephone Socket

The output device of the telephone and telephone transmission line is very similar to the computer socket, the difference is that it uses a 6-pin cable inside.

RJ45/CAT DATE Socket

The output device of the computer and the optical fiber transmission line are used to connect and output the network signal.

There are CAT5 (transfer speed 100Mb) and CAT6 (transfer speed 1000Mb).

Blank Board

Blank Board

Beautify the blank board on the wall, the main function is to hide unused wires and increase the safety of household electricity.

Judging The Quality Of Lighting Switches And Electrical Sockets By Material

We make a preliminary judgment through plastic, copper, contacts, and Chrome process:

Plastic particles

#1 Plastic Particle

Plastic products are used in various fields, but PC and nylon are the most used in the production process of lighting switches and power sockets. Compared to nylon plastic, PC plastic is more malleable.Generally, it meets the requirements of PC plastics required for production. The flame retardant grade is ≥V1.

How to judge whether PC plastic meets the standard?

The easiest way to do this is to ignite the plastic with a lighter and start timing when the plastic burns. If the flame is extinguished within 30 seconds and the plastic does not melt and drip, it can be judged acceptable.

#2 Copper Material

The material of copper is also very critical, it directly determines the service life of the product and the temperature inside the switch socket when it is powered on. The worse the copper is used, the greater the risk of the switch socket burning in use.

How to judge whether the copper material is marked?

Generally, the switches of products that meet the standard are made of H66 brass, and the sockets are made of phosphor bronze. Thickness ≥ 0.7mm, only with such a thickness can long-term use be guaranteed. After all, electricity safety is very important.

Silver contacts.

#3 Silver contacts

Switches and sockets must use silver contacts, because silver has good electrical conductivity, but it is too expensive to use silver alone.

How to judge the quality of contacts?

The silver contact points that meet the standard are made of silver cadmium oxide composite material, and the thickness is ≥3MM and the diameter is ≥3.5MM. Only a silver cadmium oxide of this size can guarantee the passage of electric current.

#4 Chrome Craft

The chrome process has become very mature after years of development and is widely used in the design of switch socket products. Still, most factories cannot achieve complete insulation of sockets processed by the Chrome process.

How to judge that the Chrome layer of the socket is wholly insulated?

The easiest way to judge is to check whether the electrical outlet is below or above the horizontal.
If it is lower than the horizontal surface, there is a high probability that the Chrome process will conduct electricity, and there will be a risk of electric shock during use.

What you need to know about switch sockets

To reduce errors, we have listed some common buying questions

How do I get your products?

Because we are lighting switch and electrical socket manufacturer from China, so you need to import from China.

Can I make my logo on the product?

We are an OEM/ODM switch factory, so we can not only make your Logo on the product, but also customize the packaging for your brand.

Can I be the exclusive agent for our country?

Of course, as long as you have a large enough purchase, we will not sell the products you purchase in your country.

What about unsold products?

Because many of our series of panels are interchangeable, you can change the design into a new one and sell it again.

Do you have high-quality products?

We have our own 24/7 laboratory and perfect quality inspection process. Provide a 15-year warranty, so you have no worries after sales.

How to calculate weight and squares?

Our cartons are available in 4 sizes and each product has a different weight. So you tell us what you want and we will calculate it for you.

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