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About Simon

uyee-lzzs electric author Simon

Hello, I’m Simon kong, the webmaster of UYEE electric.

I have a daughter, her English name is UYEE, so I created UYEE ELECTRIC.COM with a combination of her name UYEE and the factory LZZS.

I am mainly responsible for the company’s promotion and website content updates, as well as product sales.

Our factory has 23 years of manufacturing experience, and I myself have 6 years of industry sales experience, so I have my own understanding of the product. And I am personally very interested in product marketing, especially internet promotion. On the one hand, this website was established to let more people know about our products, and on the other hand, we wanted to share more product knowledge with you.

I will tell you about product knowledge, standards, and some other electrical products about wall lighting electrical switch sockets.

Hope you get the information you want on our website. If not, please click the lightning bolt in the lower right corner and we will reply to you at lightning speed.

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We will create a new advertising plan for new customers, so that you can get customer information before the product is received, allowing you to build your brand and sell products faster.