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Guide To Choosing A Switch Socket Manufacturer

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I have over eight years of experience in the switch and socket industry. I have been to many factories, so I understand that the most fundamental guarantee a good switch and socket manufacturer can give is that when there is a problem in the product or sales process, it can help you solve it in time.

And under the premise of ensuring quality, it has been updating new models, providing advertising suggestions, and making it easier for product sales to expand in the market.

Because the product produced without the cooperation of the management staff is volatile, There is no way to guarantee that every imported product will be the same as the last. And it is easy to cause the factory to complain and improve after the product has a problem, generating economic losses. So I think taking these points together can determine whether this factory is suitable for you, instead of deciding to import the product after seeing the proper sample and the right price.

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Manufacturer scale is not the bigger, the better

Large manufacturers with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of square meters have many advantages. They have a sound management system, so the quality is relatively stable. At the same time, the large manufacturers have been operating for a long time, so they have a lot of styles, and the product update speed is breakneck.

But giant manufacturers have a lot of customers. The MOQ is relatively high, generally 60,000 PCS in a series to a container, and the product price is increased so that the threshold will become relatively high; if you have a large purchase volume and have a good channel, of course, it is best to choose a large factory.

But the switch socket is a product whose design changes quickly. As an importer, you can often see new product updates. At this time, you see a favorite switch socket product and only want to import a small amount of it. The big factory is forced to ask for MOQ. Satisfy you, unless you are their long-term customer.

At this time, I suggest that you can take the same product to find a switch and socket manufacturer with a scale of more than 10,000 square meters and a good testing department. At this time, you can get satisfactory products with a relatively low MOQ, and the products are stable simultaneously. They also have independent development capabilities and good quality control capabilities. At the same time, because of the switch and socket industry manufacturers, There is interoperability, and products are similar, so there is a high chance that the factory will have similar effects.

And reduce the import pressure, and their service attitude is excellent. Generally, 30000PCS orders can be customized (including inner packaging, outer packaging, plastic packaging bags with your brand or independent packaging boxes, logo production, and product coding).

The manufacturer has a quality inspection department.

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There are not many manufacturers with quality inspection departments because the scale of most manufacturers is only 500-1000²+, and they do not have perfect product quality inspection processes and incoming material quality inspection processes, which can easily cause batch product problems and cause a fire. 

The Top 6 Causes of Electrical Fires in Homes》 mentioned that the first cause is the fire caused by the wall lighting switch and electrical socket; the reason is the aging and failure of the product.

And the main task of the quality inspection department of a suitable switch socket manufacturer is to slow down the aging of the product and troubleshoot.

Testers can ensure the safety of incoming materials. The essential task is incoming material inspection, including plastic tensile test, flame retardant test, ball pressure test, high and low-temperature test, high voltage breakdown test, flame retardant test, etc. These tests require the purchase of testing machines and professional equipment.

This is a significant expense for small-scale factories, so they can only purchase materials that they think meet the standards to produce products. Still, there is no way to detect whether the purchased materials have any problems, and the factories caused by this reason I have seen too many disputes with clients in my years of practice.

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As a switch and socket manufacturer, if there is no quality inspection process, the production employees will not understand what kind of products meet the factory requirements. Of course, no matter the manufacturer’s Size, there is a similar quality inspection process.

The production inspection mainly depends on whether the employees’ attentiveness can detect the damage to the details, such as whether there are scratches on the surface of the product, whether the keys are flexible, and whether the switches of the buttons are pressed in place by the feel (this link is vital because the pressing of the keys is not in place), it means that the stroke does not meet the standard) The contact points inside the switch are not in close contact, significantly reducing the lifespan, or the product will be poorly energized).

The difference lies in whether the training of employees is in place and whether the manufacturer has a reward mechanism for positions responsible for quality inspection. This kind of collective training and a suitable quality inspection incentive mechanism will significantly ensure the pass rate of the product.

Generally, small manufacturers often rely on workers’ conscious and default behavior to ensure the stability of their products. This unstable behavior often leads to batch problems of effects and causes economic losses to customers.

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The manufacturer has a development department.

A good switch socket manufacturer should have a development department. This department is responsible for developing new products and improving the quality of existing products.

The development department should have a product design team that can design new products based on customer feedback and industry trends. The team should also be able to modify existing designs to improve the quality and performance of the products.

The development department should also have a research and development team that can develop new technologies and materials to be used to produce switch sockets. This team should also be able to test the feasibility of these new technologies and materials.

The development department is an integral part of a suitable switch socket manufacturer. It ensures that the company is constantly innovating and improving its products.

Small manufacturers often do not have a development department, which can lead to problems with product quality. Small manufacturers cannot improve product quality or develop new products without a development department. They often ensure that their products are updated by imitating the effects of the prominent manufacturers.

In this case, their new products are updated slowly and quickly lose their competitiveness in the market.

The manufacturer management division of labor is clear.

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A good switch socket manufacturer should have a clear management division of labor. This division of work should be able to manage the company’s daily operations efficiently.

The management division of labor should include a management team responsible for making strategic decisions for the company. This team should also be able to oversee the operations of the company.

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The management division of labor should also include a marketing team responsible for promoting the company’s products. This team should be able to identify new markets for the products and develop marketing campaigns that will increase sales.

The management division of labor should also include a quality control team responsible for ensuring that the company’s products meet the required standards. This team should be able to identify and correct any problems with the consequences.

The management division of labor is an integral part of a suitable switch socket manufacturer. It ensures that the company is well managed and produces high-quality products.

Small manufacturers often do not have a clear management division of labor, which can lead to product quality and operational efficiency problems. Without a clear management division of labor, small manufacturers cannot efficiently manage their daily operations.

The manufacturer’s products match your market.

A good switch socket manufacturer should have products that meet your market needs. Products should be designed to meet the specific needs of your market.

Manufacturers should also have a wide range of products that can meet the needs of different customers. This will ensure that the company can meet the needs of all customers.

The manufacturer should also have a good reputation in the market. This reputation will ensure that customers trust the company’s products.

Manufacturers’ products should be of high quality and meet the required standards. This will ensure that the product is safe and reliable.

The appearance of the products of small manufacturers usually matches your market requirements, but the product quality usually does not reach your market. This can lead to problems with product sales and customer satisfaction.

Manufacturers keep up with industry trends:

A good switch socket manufacturer should keep up with industry trends. This means that companies should be aware of new technologies and materials used to produce switch sockets.

Companies should also be aware of new design trends in the industry. This will ensure that its products are up-to-date and competitive in the market.

Small manufacturers often fail to keep up with industry trends, which can lead to product quality and innovation problems. Small manufacturers cannot produce high-quality products that meet customer needs without up-to-date knowledge.

If you are looking for a lighting switch and electrical socket manufacturer that meets various requirements and does not have a lower MOQ.

UYEE-LZZS is a perfect choice; it can perfectly meet the above needs and accepts very efficient solutions to customers’ OEM/ ODM service problems.

What are you waiting for? Contact UYEE-LZZS to get the latest product information.

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