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How to Find a Electrical Switch and Socket Factory

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This article will tell you in detail how to find a reliable switch and socket factory. Even if you have no experience, you will have a direction after reading the 10-minute article.

Because of COVID-19, many customers who often go to China to watch exhibitions are confused, because they can’t see the actual appearance of the factory, and can only judge whether the factory is reliable through some products and videos sent to them by salesmen. But these things can be faked.

So is there a more reliable idea?

Indeed, these methods are very good, but there are many disadvantages. Because they are so public, your competitors can also find them and ask for the price, which is not very beneficial to you.

I think we should learn how to search through the Internet and learn how to distinguish between good and bad factories

Find on the social media

Like Facebook, LinkedIn, and INS, there will be a lot of factory information, but if you are looking for a switch and socket factory in China, you need to pay attention to one point, that is, the factory is generally located in Guangzhou or Wenzhou. 

uyee-lzzs electric facebook homepage

So you need to type wenzhou switch socket factory or guangzhou switch socket factory

Then click on the public home page, and you will get a lot of information.

Find on the web search

There are many Internet searches, and each country has its own favorite search. For example, Chinese people like BAIDU, but I recommend using Google, because it has the most users, and there are many Chinese switch and socket factories that use foreign countries’ servers to build a website.

Here we need to use a screening method to screen B-type websites, such as Alibaba and Made in China websites because others can also find them, and the products will be uncompetitive.

It used to be a lot of typing, but now Google is smarter you just need this: Enter the switch socket factory, then click on the tool to select Verbatim.

UYEE-LZZS Electric Google Search

Find on the china yellow page

I have used many of these tools for finding customer information, and the one that satisfies me the most is Dun & Bradstreet, the century-old brand that is really good. You can refer to my search method, but the page is in Chinese because I use Dun & Bradstreet China.

First, enter the company name into ELECTRIC, then the product Current-carrying wiring devices, the country chooses China, You’ll see thousands of companies doing similar products.

Dun & Bradstreet Search

Then you click on the company name, you can know what products the company does, where is the address, what is the company’s website, what is the annual output value and other details that make you care.

Dun & Bradstreet Search2

These are some simple but effective ways to find Chinese factories that I have summarized. Of course, there are many ways, such as going to Alibaba, Made in China and other websites to find factory information, but they all have drawbacks, that is, there is no privacy, If you can find it, others will find it.

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