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Smart Electrical Switches Must Be Better Than Mechanical Electrical Switches?

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With the progress of society, young people like smart products more and more, including me, of course, I also like smart products. And every product becomes unique as long as it is marked “smart”.

So how do we choose smart switch sockets and mechanical switch sockets when we decorate?

Let me, Simon, analyze their strengths and weaknesses with my own understanding.

Advantages of mechanical switch sockets

Of course, the advantages of smart switch sockets are obvious, that is, to remotely control the on and off of household appliances through the network.

For example, I went out today, but I forgot to turn off the lights in the house. At this time, I would think, what if I could turn off the lights in the house just by moving my finger, or if the air conditioner in the house forgot to turn off. It would be nice if the power outlet of the air conditioner at home was cut off.

The above pictures make smart switch sockets more and more desirable. To meet these basic needs, the link between the smart switch socket and the mobile APP has added a new function, that is, the scene mode.

We can imagine a scenario: at 6 pm, the curtains close automatically and dim lights come on. And automatically turn on the TV.

I am also very envious of such a smart high-tech scene because my home does not have such a function.

smart switch

Disadvantages of mechanical switch sockets

What are the disadvantages of smart switch sockets? The obvious disadvantage is that the service life will not be too long, because its use environment is not very ideal.

Let us imagine that a product with an electronic chip is sealed in the wall for a long time. It needs to resist high temperature in summer, moisture in spring and autumn, and cold in winter. Then its lifespan is bound to be shorter, and it is connected to the home. Wiring is everywhere, and sometimes a short circuit can plunge the entire home into a dark day without electricity.

When a durable product is not so durable, the second drawback will appear. It may be necessary to replace the switch socket on the wall in 2.3 years. This replacement work will be dangerous for ordinary people, and asking an electrician to replace it Need to pay a lot of fees.

At the same time, the smart switch socket itself is relatively expensive, and the expenditure of two expenses may make us unhappy who enjoyed the smart service at the beginning.

Advantages of smart switch sockets

Mechanical switch sockets, of course, are the most stable products. Regardless of any product, as long as it has a mechanical structure, it will have a long lifespan.

As long as the product materials do not cut corners, the service life of the mechanical switch socket is generally 10 to 20 years, and even some families have never replaced a new mechanical switch socket in their life.

 If you don’t know the quality of the switch socket by the material, you can check my article 《It Is Very Important To Learn To Distinguish The Material Of The Switch Socket》.

Compared with smart switch sockets, its price is also cheaper and easier to be accepted by everyone.

Disadvantages of smart switch sockets

I think the biggest disadvantage is that it is the opposite of smart switch sockets. You need to accept that if you forget to turn off the lights, you will have to wait until you get home, and if you forget to turn off the air conditioner, you will have to turn it on for a day. And you need to install more switches to control different lights, or even 2-3 same switches to control the same light on and off.

However, this is a living habit, and I think it is relatively easy to accept. After all, people have lived like this for hundreds of years since the discovery of electricity.


The choice of the author??

If I had a choice, if I was very wealthy, I would use smart switches for lighting, and still, choose high-power mechanical switches and sockets for high-power appliances.

In this way, it can not only meet some of the needs of intelligent life but also ensure the safety of household electricity consumption.

Of course, you can also choose our RESET SWITCH SOCKET series, which uses a mechanical structure and make the appearance look very smart.

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