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Why choose UYEE-LZZS switch socket factory and manufacturer in China

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This is a topic that goes back and forth. There are so many switch and socket factories globally, so why choose us?

Then let Simon tell you, I want to use my experience to tell you that factories like ours are suitable for customers to choose from.

Our factory is not very large.

uyee-lzzs electric factory image

I have seen many factories, and big factories have a high prices and high MOQ.

Small factories are cheap, MOQ is low, and quality is not guaranteed.

And we are in between, have lower MOQ, and have a good price.

We have our laboratory.

uyee-lzzs electric laboratory

Our laboratory is very busy, working 365 days a year, testing products every day.

 Every new product. All need to be tested on our test machine for 7-30 days, and then we will start to promote them. 

Such products are the products that meet our factory requirements.

We have a clearly divided management department.

uyee-lzzs electric Group photo

Although our factory is not very big, our division of labor is very clear. 

We have our own injection molding department, financial department, production department, and design department. 

With a clear division of labor, these departments can ensure the safe operation of the factory and ensure the safe production of products with high quality and quantity.

We have a centralized supply of plastic equipment.

uyee-lzzs electric Central plastic supply system

We have a centralized supply system for plastics, and this is very important!!!!

We have our own centralized plastic supply room, where all plastics are distributed and then distributed to our injection molding machines to ensure that each injection molding machine produces plastic switch socket surfaces of different materials while working most efficiently.

Because every time the machine is turned off and on, it will cause a very large loss. The reduction in production capacity also increases the operating costs of the plant.

We update many designs every year.

uyee-lzzs electric showroom

Our new products are the favorite of other factories every year because our research and development strength is so strong that other factories always copy our products, which makes us very annoyed and proud at the same time, so you don’t need to update the products when you choose us Worry, we will always produce new ideas beyond your imagination.

These reasons should satisfy you to contact us, right? 

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