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Function introduction of lighting switches and electrical sockets

2 way wiring picture

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If you want to start selling switch sockets or buy switch sockets, then you should take a look at this article.

Because there are still many details about lighting switches and electrical sockets. To avoid economic losses caused by purchasing errors.

What is the gang, and what is the way?

This is important knowledge because it affects the number of switches you need to buy.

this is the gang

Gang: the gang is the number of buttons on the light switch. The 1gang light switch has only one button. 2 gang lighting switch has two buttons, and so on, three gangs, three buttons, four gangs, four buttons.

And there are several gangs, which means that several wires can be connected behind, 1gang can control one line, and 2gang can control two lines.

this is 2 way wiring

Way: The way is the control method of the switch; 1way means that a switch can only control one line. And 2way means that two switches can control the same line. 

For example, if you want to turn off the same light upstairs and downstairs, you need two 2way switches to achieve this function.

There is a product called MF electrical socket.

UYEE-LZZS MF switch socket with neon

The world is very big, and many countries have their electrical standards, so the plugs are different(you can check Wikipedia). But now the world is converging, and each country has its big appliances. It often needs to be purchased from abroad and shipped domestically if you want to get it.

At this time, there are some problems, that is, its plug cannot be inserted into the socket of your country.

At this time, you need a universal socket, which is the MF socket.

Its shape can allow plugs from all countries to be inserted, but it cannot meet the current wattage standards of all nations, so it is rated as unsafe by some countries.

The role of blank panels

UYEE-LZZS switch socket blank panel

The function of this product is very simple, as a decoration to cover temporarily unused electrical wires on the wall.

Why is there a black baffle inside the socket

This black plastic is called a safety gate, and its function is to prevent electric shock.

Because it uses a unique mechanical design, the user must insert the plug straight to open it.

socket safety door

It also has a name called a baby protector because the baby likes to explore, so when the baby takes a pen or a screwdriver to a socket with a safety door, the door will not open, thus protecting the safety of the baby’s life.

Where are switches with sockets generally used?

Switch with socket is generally used in places where electrical appliances are installed, such as kitchens, toilets, etc.

Its switch is mainly used to cut off the electricity of electrical appliances. When you do not need electricity, you only need to press the button instead of frequently unplugging and unplugging the wires of electrical appliances.

This will significantly increase your convenience and thus happier life.

Many switches and sockets have very little knowledge. I just list some of the more common problems in life.

If you have any other questions, you can leave a message in the comment section below.

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