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Funny reset light switch

Square reset light switch

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Everyone has come into contact with many switches and sockets. Except for the different panel colors and materials, the switches you see in your life have the same buttons. 

We call them rocker switches.

But today, we are talking about the reset lighting switch. It is very special among the switches I have seen. It uses a mechanical structure to bring the same technological beauty as a touch switch.

After years of research and development, our factory has developed three generations of products.

The 1st gen of circular lighting reset switch

The first-generation circular reset light switch intrigued me the first time I saw it; its circular button with an LED aperture; when lit in the dark, my inner first thought is that it’s beautiful. It has a soft blue gap that is not harsh and looks like the moon at night.

The switch surface uses 2.0mm thick tempered glass, which can resist the scratches of the knife, and it will still be like new even after ten years of use.

The 2nd gen of square lighting reset switch

The second-generation square reset switch was inspired by touch, and we found that people love touch products, and there is a big market.

However, the touch switch needs to set up the installation circuit in the early decoration stage. If you want to install the touch switch after the decoration, you often need to invest a lot.

Therefore, we developed the second-generation square reset switch by analyzing customers’ needs.

It’s like a touch switch while using the golden section line to divide. It looks very three-dimensional and very atmospheric.

I like the way it lights up. There’s a blue LED display dot right in the middle of the key, and when you press it lightly, it lights up softly. It is only 3MM thick and can be integrated with the wall when installed on the wall.

The 3rd gen oval lighting reset switch

For the third-generation oval reset switch, we made a new change in the LED aperture of the button; we made the button protrude and installed the LED gap under it to make the light like an umbrella. Give the product a more futuristic feel.

We all know that the mechanical structure is the most stable, so we produce both regular and technological products.

If this suits your decorating ideas, choose them boldly.

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