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I have many years of experience in the home switch business; since I graduated from university at the age of 21 until now, I have been engaged in home switch and socket sales, product selection, and design development for the whole 10 years.

As we all know, the home switch is an integral part of our daily life. It’s not only a practical tool but also a beautiful decoration in our home. So when we choose a home switch, we should not only focus on its function but also pay attention to its appearance.

In recent years, with the development of the Internet, many people have started to pay attention to home switch design. And more and more people like to DIY their home switch. So today, I’d like to share with you the top ten home switch designs from China manufacturers and suppliers that I think are the most popular and attractive.

A1-Slim Acrylic Design

Slim series as thin as 3.9mm

First, we need to understand what acrylic material is: Acrylic material is a plastic material with high transparency, chemical stability, and weather resistance. It is widely used in our daily life, such as display products, furniture, etc. And it has many advantages, such as being lightweight, easy to clean, and so on.

This design has been very popular recently because of its simple and elegant appearance. And it is easy to clean and maintain. The acrylic material can make the home switch more transparent and bright, adding a touch of beauty to our home.

And A1 slim acrylic home switch design perfectly accepts the advantages of acrylic; we use light acrylic with a super Slim design to make the home switch light and space-saving simultaneously. And we have acrylic and composite acrylic materials, which means that this series can match any decorating style and different household appliances. It is the perfect design for all switches and sockets, in my opinion.

D90 LED Display Square Reset Home Switch

First of all, we need to understand the concept of a reset switch: a reset switch is a kind of key, whether on or off in the same level of the switch, just like the computer switch keys. Like this type of switch, we are called reset switch because whether on or off, it will return to the original position.

The D90 LED Display Square Reset Home Switch is an original design by our designers, which features a square design with an LED display. It gives the product an outstanding design sense. At the same time, the push button is only 3MM thick, so the product looks very light, with the tempered glass surface looks a very good 3D effect.

I also love it because we have put a lot of effort into its design, and it is very difficult to have such a large button reset switch with crisp keys.

This one is prepared for our customers who need a mechanically stable structure and want a smart switch appearance because its biggest selling point is to bring smart beauty with a mechanical structure.

S6 LED Display Round Reset Home Switch

uyee-lzzs S6 electric switch socket

The S6 LED Display Round Reset Home Switch is a brand new design by our designers. It features a square design with an LED display and a reset push button. The push-button is only 0.66MM thick, so the product looks light and sleek.

It uses a similar design to D90, but the biggest difference is that it is a round Home switch socket design. The D90 is square, but otherwise, there is not much difference.

And I put it under the D90 just to give you an additional choice.

K2 painting and Acrylic Home Switch

uyee-lzzs electric k2 all colors

When I first saw the design from the designer’s draft, I thought it would be one of the best-selling products because it had so many innovations, whether the large curved buttons or the very detailed artwork lines around the buttons highlighted its distinctiveness.

And I have to say it’s the acrylic series, and we use the shaped acrylic design for the first time; the curved curves and the soft cloth lines make it very nice and soft, like a white cloth that has been drenched in the rain.

But its production is not as soft as its design, because the design of shaped acrylic let us encounter a lot of difficulties, but the end is good, that is, as we hope, very popular in the Middle East market.

And its surface-shaped acrylic in our processing becomes very stable and long-lasting; there will not be any surface flip off the case. This makes us very proud and honored. Not many switch and socket companies in China can do this, but we are one of them.

If you have a new house to decorate and have a lot of patterned wall coverings as decoration, then K2 acrylic is a good choice.

K8 Classic Home Switch Design 

K8 is a home switch we have been doing for many years; it has a long history and is very popular in the market.

It is not only because of its good appearance but also because of its stable performance. It uses copper and PC plastic as the main material, which is not easy to deform and has a very long service life.

In addition, it also uses the latest technology at that time- surface injection molding. The surface of the switch is very smooth and delicate, and it feels good when you touch it.

If a design is our constant winner, then I would put the K8 in that position. Yes, it is our constant winner because of the classic design, so it is suitable for any scene, whether it is at home, factory, construction project, or outdoor its classic design will be very suitable.

And classic means high acceptance; if your market uses an 86-size electrical switch socket, you can try to get it into your market.

At the same time, to fit each market, our K8 series has made some beautifying bezel design.

If you are new to home switches and don’t want to make a mistake, you can’t go wrong with it!

K8 Acrylic Home Switch Design

As I said, the K8 series is the most classic; the k8 acrylic home switch design is an upgraded version of the K8 classic home switch design, and we love this classic design so much.

The switch uses the same material as the K8 plastic home switch- surface injection molding + PC plastic, which is very delicate and has a very long service life.

But what’s different is that we use acrylic instead of ordinary plastic for the bezel. And the use of a variety of acrylic technology so that the surface has a cloth grain, wood grain, and the same texture as glass.

And the use of a variety of acrylic technology so that the surface has a cloth grain, wood grain, and the texture of the glass. And in order to make Middle East people more like us, we modified the design of the border, made it like a twist border, and added the Chrome process.

It is the ultimate version of K8.

I would like to say you can learn more about this range, and it will not let you down, my friend.

S1 Chrome Painting Home Switch Design

uyee-lzzs electric s1 all colors

First, we need to understand what Chrome is: Chrome paint is a type specifically designed to adhere to metal surfaces. It is often used on automobiles and motorcycles because it provides a high level of protection against rust and corrosion. Chrome paint can also be used on other metal surfaces, such as appliances, fixtures, and even some types of furniture.

So our S1 plating + painting series become very noble because of the enrichment process; we give this nobility international standard-like nobility; I believe no one in the world will refuse gold.

And the surface of the painting series, in order not to steal the beauty of the Chrome process, we used a darker paint. These dark and light colors with each other will make the S1 home switch design more people can not refuse.

Of course, to match its good-looking chrome process, we have also introduced different panels. If you are interested in this series, you can contact us, and we will try our best to give you the best information.

K1 Home Switch Design

uyee-lzzs electric k1 all colors 2

K1 home switch design is the most special design; in addition to the surface of the ultra-thin push button, there is an invisible design that lies in its base. In this range, we use the design of plastic-clad steel.

This design can maximize the stability of the switch socket; no matter how irregular the wiring of the electrician or how violent you plug it, it will not affect its structure.

The original intention of our design is for the word “stable” so that the cost of this design is not so bottom. But everything is worth it, and it is in addition to the excellent ultra-thin ultra-crisp push button, there is a super solid back seat.

When lightness and solidity are combined in the same product, this product is bound to be very popular.

When I was looking for a home switch design that was light and solid, the K1 range came to me, and I’m sure mine would have been very exciting. If you are also looking for such a product, please let me know quickly; I am sure what I tell you will be what you want.

T3 Acrylic Switch Design

uyee-lzzs T3 SERIES electrical switch socket

T3 acrylic range is a new innovation that we tried to make, and we used the bread-like protruding feeling baked switch design. At the same time, different acrylic colors also make it look more three-dimensional and more versatile.

This design uses a unique baking process, which makes the switch look like it is floating on the panel. And because we use high-quality acrylic, it will not yellow over time like an ordinary plastic switch.

But unfortunately, we didn’t design a rocker switch for this series because this series is relatively new; we only designed a reset switch and reset switch socket.

But we’re also confident in the design, so we are already working on a rocker switch design, and I’m sure it won’t be long before it’s in your market.

If you like this rounded, three-dimensional sense, you can pay attention to it. If there is the latest situation, I will make it appear on our company’s Facebook homepage as soon as possible. Please follow our page to receive the latest consultation.

A range of ultra-slim home switch designs

Finally, let me introduce once again the A range slim switch socket design, which is the best design of our company, it has A1-A10 is a different yet similar design.

Our team of designers has put a lot of effort into it.

We designed this range with the idea of designing a smaller switch than a cell phone. We understand that houses are expensive in today’s world and using them can make more space in your home.

I love this range, it has taken so much of our work, and they have performed well in any market; it has come from China to Iraq, UAE, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia, and various other countries that use 86-size switch sockets.

This range is like a treasure worth exploring for every one of us in the electrical industry business.

If you see them, I am sure you will scream for them. So hurry up and get in touch with us, you won’t be disappointed, my friend.

Author’s Choice

If I were to choose these products, I could only say that they are all the best, they are all different types, and each series is equipped with British and European and MF sockets to meet the insertion of various tools plugs.

At the same time, for all series, we can customize your packaging and brand for you. And we have a 24/7, non-stop laboratory and a perfect quality inspection process to ensure the safety of products.

If you are considering cooperating with a Chinese switch socket factory, then we are one of the best choices.

Of course, suppose you have just entered the industry or don’t know how to judge the quality of an electrical switch socket. In that case, you can also check out my article 《How To Judge The Good And Bad Of Electrical Switch Sockets: Through Material》.

Our slogan is your electrical engineer. We not only produce products for you but also solve all the product problems encountered in the process.

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