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Acrylic Panel Lighting Switches and Electrical Sockets

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I still like the acrylic material very much. It can be like glass, like cloth, or it can be made into three-dimensional pictures. There are many changes.

You can learn more about acrylic here

This material is also the material that has made many changes in lighting switches and electrical sockets in the past ten years.

At the same time, its grade is also relatively moderate, lower than tempered glass. Still, it can make the same texture as tempered glass, which is slightly more expensive than the painted panel.

These series cover the craft design of acrylic. Of course, there are also some three-dimensional or mosaic patterns that people in the Middle East widely love. I will share it with you in the future.

A1 Mirror Acrylic Series

This series of lighting switches and electrical socket products are made of frameless mirror acrylic design, with reflective patches and high-quality acrylic, making the product bright like a mirror.

It combines the amount of glass and the lightness of plastic, reducing a lot of transportation costs.

A1 light switch and electrical socket real picture

Here’s a photo I took with my phone under standard lighting. You can even see the reflection of my phone on the switch panel.

K2 Striped Acrylic Series

We also have solid-color acrylic in this series. Still, we chose it to introduce different techniques to you.

The production of this kind of texture is very troublesome. First, it needs to be pressed by the pressing machine to generate the texture, then cut and formed on the product, and then pasted on the product’s surface through the glue machine.

Acrylic processing technology

At the same time, its corners have some bends, which is the most troublesome place. To make the frame flatter, we need to add a sponge clip on it after the product is pasted and wait for more than 1 hour for the glue to solidify completely.

This style is very labor-challenging. The cost is exceptionally high. Of course, the finished product is also very advanced.

If I want a very high-end luxury decoration in my home, I will choose it without hesitation.

K8 wood grain acrylic series

The production of wood grain acrylic is not particularly complicated. It mainly uses water transfer technology to print the wood grain pattern on the acrylic surface. Because the technology is very mature, the product defect rate is relatively low, and the surface texture is very realistic.

At the same time, it can make various colors, such as mahogany, brown wood, etc., any wood color you like.

It is very suitable for simple-style decoration. Log furniture makes the white of the walls brighter and matches the whole space.

I hope my brief introduction like this will give you some understanding of acrylic panel switch sockets. We will update products and update a lot of industry knowledge. Of course, if you are interested in learning more, you can follow our Facebook page.

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